Dec 12, 2006 - Konstant Kindle.

Having attended a panel at the MoMa, Experimental Magazines and the International Avant-Gardes, 1945-1975, with the co-founders of seminal art magazine Avalanche, Willoughby Sharp & Liza Bear, and the last editor of Interfunktionen, Benjamin Buchloh, and Edward Sullivan Dean of Humanities and Professor of Fine Arts at NYU, the drive to publish more stories in petitemort has been rekindled. We have a lot to cover in the next couple of months, so much that we are reaching out to anyone who would like to join and help out in our effort.

p.s. thanks your continued support during this looong year.

Nov 27, 2005 - Bureaux, petitemort's Editors' Blog just launched

Just when you thought we had stopped expanding petitemort, we've added a new layer of fun...

Since petiteMort has no real publishing schedule and contains mostly longer articles, interviews, and stories, we decided that we had to create a place to post news-type information about events, topics of interests, and the flotsam and jetsam of today's world, so we came up with Bureaux, a blog for the Editors.

We hope, that in the future, the entries on Bureaux can serve as catalyst for topics to explore in future issues of petiteMort, ( similar to what Christopher Lydon does on Open Source Radio.) Whether or not it'll succeed, I'm just glad we've established an open avenue for discussion, now it's up to you to decide whether or not you'd like to take advantage of it.

Bureaux, The Editors' Blog at


Sept 8, 2005 - New story #29 & Call for Art.
New story added see story #29 . And interview with Hisham Arkira bharoocha, musician/srtist.

The editors of are planning a trip to visit Paris' Catacombs. For this trip we are asking artist to send in art to be printed on our "cata-flyers" which we will then propagate throughout our trip. The flyer art will not be judged; we will accept ANY artwork that fits on a 4"x 5" inch photocopy-able flyer. Texts are acceptable. There is no theme for the cata-flyer art, instead we are simply alluding to tradition of Kata-Tracts Art, interpret it as you wish. The deadline is Sept 15th. Send art in jpeg format actual size between 300-72 dpi to with the subject line: Cata-Flyer Project.
*Keep in mind the art will be photocopied in black and white and will NOT be copyrighted.
random Kata-tract Art info:

July 18, 2005 - Launching it softly..

We have just completed issue 3 to be titled Something from Nothing, it is only available in beta mode at the moment since we are still smoothing out the kinks and what not.

In the new issue we have tried to Wiki-fy it, by including Wikipedia links where ever appropriate. I think for the people who are thirsty for knowledge, these links will provide objective background information on the fly, without having to Google through 100 sites to find information. For those who aren't familiar to Wikipedia, it is the largest "free-content encyclopedia that anyone can edit." Currently there are some 650,000 articles in English. Wikipedia is also available in many other languages. I felt the need to add this to petiteMort because whenever I am working on an article for petiteMort I am always asking myself whether or not our readers in France, China, or Argentina, will understand certain references, for example in the "Utility Fog" the writer Brad makes a reference to Silly Putty, would the readers in Taiwan know what that is? Now they can by the clicking link (Wiki: Silly Putty) Besides helping bridge these cultural gaps, it wouldn't by a HyperText if we didn't! (Wiki: HTML) I've no problem with Google (Google Maps is awesome), but sometimes Google is a gamble. (Goog is currently trading at $300!!)

Another improvement we've made in petiteMort is that we put a next and back arrows in the nav so you can jump back and forth through all the stories available to date. Trust me, it'll make sense when you see it and use it.

Issue 3 will launch on Wednesday July 20th. CYU then.


July 4, 2004 - Issue 2: Begins & Ends..ONLINE NOW!
Not nearly through the summer yet and we've added seven more stories #16-22 in our second issue. We decided not to begin each new issue from #1 as you would expect, instead we're just gonna to pick up where we left off, i.e. #16. We've also added two new sections. First we added an archive section that includes previous stories, incase you were wondering where they went. Second we put in a consolidated music bin so you can go directly there for mp3s of bands we've covered.

We've also begun covering New York's East River Music Project on it's second year showcasing new music in New York's East River Amphitheater. So be sure to check out our coverage, and if you're in the city, there's still one more show on July 24th. Ted Leo and the Pharmacist, The Natural History, Tigers and Monkeys, and Sea Ray will be playing.


April 11, 2004 - Too much fun, what's next?
MiXED BaG was a success! Thanks to everyone who came to tear it up! Special thanks to Les Idiotes for flying over from Paris for that very special Nö-Performance. Another big thanks to Fantasy's Core for dropping by between SXSW and back home in Nagasaki -DoMo aRiGaTo! & Thanks to My Teenage Stride, Marianne, and New Radio for keeping the basement bumping! + Extra Virgin and Siberia bar for holding us down! And to the others, too many to list, who helped with prepping the weeks before and those who helped last minute too -ouch!, you know who you are!

What's Next? I just got back from a short trip to Taiwan, now it's time to start cranking out the second issue -hold tight everybody. Oh yeah, we met with some interesting people while in Taipei, don't worry we'll share it with you soon. There seems to be so much going on music and art wise out there, and politics too!


March 8, 2004 - PetiteMort's Launch Party!
PetiteMort's "MiXED BaG" launch party is set for Wednesday March 24th / 8PM @ Siberia Bar in New York City. In the basement we will have musical performances by My Teenage Stride (Brooklyn), Marianne (Tokyo/Brooklyn ex Organic Grooves), New Radio (NYC), and Fantasy's Core (Nagasaki). On the ground floor we will have a special Nö-Concert by Les Idiotes (Paris) + a dose of something from Cory Arcangel, joy sticks not included!! Subscribe to petiteMort's Notes to be on the guest list."MiXED BaG" will be hosted by ExtraVirgin Media and Freckles Studio.

Wednesday March 24th / 8PM

@ SIBERIA BAR - 356 1/2 W.40th St at the corner of 9th Ave*
*look for the black door w/the red light - tel. 212 333-4141