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bass/vocal/keyboard KK, guitar/vocal/keyboard Xiao Hua Wu, guitar Suuu, Drums Gigga Ng





Nipples "James' Autumn" 2003




How long have Nipples been playing together?
4 years. We play live about once a month.

The indie-music scene in Taiwan seems to be exploding, that's a good thing isn't it?
Bands have been playing live in different pubs for long time already, it's the indie-labels in Taiwan that have just started popping-up in recent years. Originally a lot of the indie bands in Taiwan were still just trying to be cool instead of delivering meaningful content, but it’s getting better and better. More people are paying more attention now and we are very hopeful.

You guys also run White Wabbit Records, an indie-labels here in Taiwan. How did that come about?
Our band had been playing for a while and naturally we wanted to record our music. At that time, however, there was very few ways of going about that in Taiwan. You basically had to go through one of the major labels, but we didn’t like the way those major label functioned. The labels in Taiwan assign your band a "recording coach", and he controls your music style. It was also extremely expensive to rent a recording studio. So KK suggested we start an indie-label ourselves. Xiao Hwa used the money that would be going to studio rental to buy recording equipment. That’s how White Wabbit Records and Noiz Studio got started. This way, we could records our music however we wanted. At the same time we would be helping other bands who are in a similar position.

If you guys started WWR to record your own record, how come your album isn't the first release on WWR?
Nipples was going through a lot of member changes at that time and the other bands finished their masters first. Peppermint's self titled album was actually WWR’s very first release.

Besides running your own record label, do you guys operate like most other bands?
Yep, we write our music together. Usually, we start off by jamming together and if we find something we like, we elaborate and polish it.

For a couple of minutes during your performance it felt like you guys were improvising. I also noticed that there wasn't that much singing in your show.
It's because we were playing our new tracks. As far as the minimal vocals, we want to treat the vocals like an instrument rather than the song's main focus. We don’t think that every song needs to have lyrics either.

I see, I thought KK was just being shy by not taking the center stage as most lead singers do.
KK: No, I needed to be in the corner because I loose my concentration too easily when look into the audience.

Alright, my last and most sensitive question: Why did you name the band Nipples?
It was sort of a joke to begin with. We called our band Nipples because they are sometimes soft and sometime hard, just like our music. X