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Natural Q



Natural Q

vocal Waa, music & instruments Chico





Natural Q "Cést la Vie" 2004




Briefly describe how and when Natural Q was formed?
Chico: We met through work about 3 years ago, during a concert production. I played one of the instruments for the show, and Waa was hired as a back-up rehersal singer for when the main singer was not available.
Waa: Under a very accidental state of mind we came up with the name Natural Q for our band. We simply wanted to sing and make music. Because both Chico and I have naturally curly hair, the name Natural Q was very fitting. I'm very proud to be the one who came up with that name. [laughs] We tried looking for other band members or invite special musical guests to play with Natural Q in the past, but I felt it was difficult to communicate in a large group. Also, the results didn’t meet our expectation. Personally, I like the simple communication between 2 people.

Describe your first album "C'est La Vie", do your albums have themes?

Chico: At the beginning there was no particular direction or theme. We went through all the demos and picked out songs that feel right to us. Usually the inspirations came from little things in life.
Waa: I believe the question answers itself already. C'est La Vie means "that is life" in French, BTW- I'm very happy that I came up with that title as well! [laughs] Little things in life can often spark ideas and became our inspiration for songs.

What do you think about the indie music scene in Taiwan?

Chico: There are more and more people doing independent music in recent years, it's great.
Waa: In Taiwan only? ... The indie music industry is a bit stingy, [giggles]. but it is changing slowly because the main-stream music sounds worse and worse. People who are looking for fresh food for their ears naturally turn to indie music. I believe there are a lot of people who want to write their own music even though we are only hearing a few at the moment. I am glad Natural Q can prove that indie music is not just rock music!

Natural Q is the first band signed by
A Good Day Records, a unique indie label in Taiwan. Tell us a little bit about how it is different, and what is that experience like?

Chico: You have to ask the boss (joking).
Waa: A Good Day is a pleasant name, it puts me in a good mood just by seeing the name. And no one can pass the chance to be in a shop with sunshine, fluffy clouds, breeze, and good nature, even just to visit! [referring to the decor of the shop] This is our first album. This is also A Good Day's first album. We have our bitter moments but I am enjoying every bit of it!

What's your top 10 at the moment?

Chen, Ming-Chang / A Show In The Afternoon (1990)
Lin, Chung / Marching Forward (1990)
Dust Of Angels movie soundtracks (1992)
Lo, Ta Yu / Ji Hu Zer Yea (1982)
Baboo / New Taiwanese Dollar
Zhao Yi Hao / Pull Out Myself (1990)
Ze' Hwang / Shang Wei Qi Xian (1998)
Lorrain Bowen / Oh! What A Star
Kings Of The Convenience / Quiet Is The New Loud
Stereolab / Aluminum Tunes

What do you do for fun when you are not making music?

Chico: Enjoying life.
Waa: Having a normal life like everyone else. I am also a DJ at a local radio station. Chico teaches music and is a part-time student. Sometimes I will take on a job as back-up vocals, or Chico will work on some commercial and cartoon jingles just to make some extra cash. Drawing and playing with dolls have become my daily activity lately. Things like washing, combing the doll's hair, and changing it's outfit make me smile!

What is Natural Q's next step?

Chico: To come out with a 2nd album.
Waa: I don't really know. Should the answer be to work on the next album? In my mind, the next step is for Natural Q to have a bigger following, all the way to the rest of the world and then back to Taiwan, waaaa- ha ha ha!!! X