petite mort In this issueSomething from Nothing No.3 2005
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Bad Daughter

vocal & guitar Veraqueen, bass Sky, guitar Cherry, guitar DoDo, keyboard MooGoo, drums Losie




Bad Daughter "Tiny Sun" 2003




Guessing from your band name, I thought at first that Bad Daughter would be an all girls band.
Veraqueen, Cheery, and I [Sky] were friends since elementary school. We originally wanted to form an all girls’ band, that’s why we called the band "Bad Daughter". When the boys (MooGoo and Losie) joined the band, they didn't mind the name so we kept it.

So you started playing at a very young age, were your parents being supportive or were you really just bad daughters in your parent’s eyes?
They thought we were wasting our time, but they changed their attitude after we released our first album. Now they're very proud.

What do you think about the Taiwan indie-music scene?
It’s getting more and more fun!!

You guys just came back from playing at the Spring Scream Festival, the annual music festival on a beach in southern Taiwan. How was it this year?
It was SO MUCH FUN!!! We didn’t wanted to come back. [Laughing]

Any other good bands there?
O-um..., we weren’t paying too much attention to what was happening on stage. For the most part we were having blast on the beach. [Laughing]

Spring Scream is on it's 10th year and some people are saying that it isn’t the same as it used to be, do you think thats true?
Well, it’s a different crowd now. Some of the regular bands like May Day & BackQuarter got signed by major labels a couple years ago, so since then there has been an increase in the number of new and younger fans attending the event. That's what I think really changes the whole atmosphere.

I know that some of you are majoring in film right now, did you make your own music videos?
We came up with the basic ideas, the script, and helped out with the production, but we asked a friend to do the actual filming.
Veraqueen: We asked my boyfriend actually. [laughing] X