petite mort In this issueBegin & End No.2 2004
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8-Bit Construction Set (interview w/ Cory Arcangel)


AM Gold (interview)
Ventura Highway 3.1mb

Asobi Seksu (interview)
I'm Happy But You Don't Like Me 2.8mb
Sooner 3.4mb
Taiyo 1.8mb


Bad Daughter (interview)
Tiny Sun 6MB
Dan Dan Dang 3.8MB

Bad Dudes (interview)
Celebrate the Moment of Your God Forsaken Life 3.1mb
Dawn of the Dudes 3.1mb
Progressive Wet T-Shirt Contest 2mb


Cheer Chen (interview)
1234567 (sample) 1mb
Say Something (sample) 1mb
Think Twice (sample) 1mb

Coptic Light (interview)


Fantasy's Core (interview)
Potential Power 4mb
Samurai Man 2.7mb
Stone Age Bug 3.6mb
Ultra-Future Joy Ride Blues 8.2mb


King of France (Bandaoke II)
Notion 2mb
Sick of the Life 3.5mb
The Beast 3.9mb

Kieko aka O.blaat (interview)


Lo-Hi (Bandaoke I)
3 Fish instrumental 2.5 mb
White All Around 3.4mb


Matmos (interview)
Matmos and Coelacanth: Wood and Tooth 7.5mb
Matmos and Sagan: I will not deny, though my memory 4.1mb (Edited)
Matmos and Sagan: Be the Rose Panther 3.2mb (Edited)

My Teenage Stride (interview)
Let's go to the Firewalk 2.8mb
Hamburg 3mb
Penelope 3.3mb


Natural Q (interview)
99 Drops Tear 4.9mb
Postcard 6.4mb

New Radio (interview)
Monster I've Have Become 3.3mb
On this Boat 2.4mb
Thank You 2.4mb

Nipples (interview)
Bright & Shining Mood 5.4mb
Spotted Rabbit 2.4mb


The Panthers (interview)
Don't be a Dick 3mb
Pow! Pow! Pow! 2.1mb
Thank Me with Your Hands 3.8mb