petite mort In this issueBegin & End No.2 2004
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La Premeire Fois No.1 2004

01 The Page as Her Stage -intrv. w/graphic artist/performer Sarah Cassenti
02 Legacy Hackster -intrv. w/Cory Arcangel, digital artist
03 Images of Heraldine -photo gallery of Ama Saru
04 My Bow-Legged Master -intrv. w/printmaker/painter Takuji Hamanaka by Eric Fertman
05 Cheers to Cheer Chen -intrv. w/ Cheer Chan, Taiwanese indie pop
06 Guitars, Vocals, Drums, Etc... -The Panthers, AM Gold, Asobi Seksu, Coptic Light
07 The Distance Between Us -essay on cat Power's You Are Free by Marisha Noel Chinsky
08 Nocturnal Digression -multimedia piece by Yitan, essay by Chris Zelisko
09 Universal Objects -conversation between artist Adman henry and Arthur Ou
10 Hypotech: technology Under Your Skin -intrv. w/Keiko a.k.a. O.blaat, musician
    How We Share -essay on internet habits by Antonio Serna
11 Turn Treasure into Trash -calligraphy by Eric Fertman, intro by Lady Mao
12 Bandaoke w/ Lo-Hi -karaoke w/Hollis Queens by Katherine Mouttet and Marisa Handren
13 2Times -fiction by Catherine Dueck
14 Album Reviews -Ailsers Set, Sea and Cake, Boards of Canada, Yuki
15 Art Reviews -Crevice, Simon Periton, Kai Regan




Beginings & Ends No.2 2004

16 My Own Private Wonderland -intrv. w/painter Lamar Paterson, intro by Jennifer Lauren Sims
17 Mandband from Japan -intv. w/Fantasy's Core from Nagasaki by Maya Robinson
18 The Art Happens Here -> MTAA -intrv. w/ artist Mark River and Tim Whid of MTAA
19 Black Humor -intrv. w/ artist Amy Sarkisian
20 Manuscript found in a Bottle -fiction by Dorian Saru (1947-2002)
21 Guitars, Vocals, Drums, Etc... -My Teenage Stride, New Radio, Bad Dudes (ex Miracle Chosuke)
22 Bandaoke w/ King of France -karaoke w/Steve Salett by Katherine Mouttet and Marisa Handren





Something from Nothing No.3 2005

23 Ephemeral Angel: Interview with Arcangel Constantini -wrestler/artist/currator
24 Code Warriors: HTML Wrestling on the Wild Wild Web -an Essay
25 Trash Talk with photographer DanWen Xing -by Thomas Chen
26 Jamming-out to Rat Ritmos with Matmos
27 Utility Fog: The Nebulous Emergence of Nano-Art -by Brad Hampton
28 Musica Formosa: Taiwan Indies -Bad Daughter, Nipples, and Natural Q
29 From Here to There w/ Hisham Akira Bharoocha -artist/musician