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What happens when you give a musician the freedom and privacy to sing exactly what they want and how they like to sing it? Catherine and Marisa did just that when they invited Hollis of Lo-Hi to the Village Karaoke Bar for the first interview for Bandaoke, a bands-only style karaoke.

name: Hollis Queens, band: Lo-Hi, label: Tigerstyle, favorite song: Love My Way, karaoke bar: Village Karaoke


Listen to Lo-Hi:
White All Around.mp3
3 Fish Instrumental.mp3


Hollis Queens
All I remember were the scowling gimaces of fellow karaokees waiting for me to finish so they coould return to the serious business of singing "Hungry Like the Wolf".





Lo-Hi's Say It More is available on Tiger Style Records:

Say It more








photography & writing:
Catherine Mouttet's photography (CTRN) and design work (Hijinx) have run on VH1, YM, the Alternative Press, Vice, Venus and Kitty Magik as well as multitudes of strange and obscure zines and websites. Catherine operates her own creative development studio, out of her home in Brooklyn.

Marisa Handren runs the independent publication Kitty Magik. Marisa also freelances for Women Who Rock, Venus and Rockpile, to name a few. She is excited to go on a real vacation this winter and is even more excited for Hella to play NYC three times next month.


If you had to choose one song to sing karaoke to, what would it be and why?
Well I don't think this would be in the karaoke song book, but I think it would be funny to sing to Captain Beefheart's Blabber 'n Smoke or even White Jam both are from "The Spotlight Kid" album. Lots of karaoke songs that are from older artists have to recreate the music, and it's usually done on with really cheesy sounding guitars and 80's style synthesizers. I would love to hear them try and remake that music, plus his vocals are quirky in their timing and delivery, it would be fun to sing that, not to mention the lyrics like "All you ever do is blabber 'n smoke/It don't matter where you got your start/which side of your head you were your heart/ Clean up the ai/'N treat the animals fair/I can't help but think you treat love like ah joke/tim's running out/ and all you do is blabber and smoke.

Who would you want to sing one of your song? Which song would you want them to sing? Why?
There are so many possibilities that it is an interesting idea, and it makes me wonder about the singer vs. the song. Every artist would put their own spin on it, and if Chan Marshall of Cat Power sang White All Around it would give it an eerie feel and possibly sad, forlorn feeling. I think she would do a good job, plus I hung out with her once and we sang, she is really capable of belting it out and I'd love to hear her do that during the chorus, we don't get to hear her go for it very often and she has an amazing voice. But if Madonna did it she would get the latest, hottest producer to work with her and think of the royalties, we could quit our day jobs.

Who wouldn't you like to have covering one of your songs? Why?
There is something that rubs me the wrong way about some of the recent Grammy recipients. There is something so lackluster about these acts, I can't help but feel like I'm seeing American Idol finalist that are laden with industry involvement, or they are super talented but I can't relate to it, like Josh Grobin.

Any personal karaoke experiences to share?
Once when I was on the big island of Hawaii karaoke bar. There were all these Japanese tourists karaoke-ing. It seemed a rather serious affair, the closer they got to sounding like the original artist the more pleased everyone seemed. People were working so hard at it that they almost overcame their accents. When it was my turn I got up and improvised, singing in my own voice to a song I didn't really know, I was drunk, which seems to be a prerequisite for karaoke. All I remember were the scowling grimaces of the fellow karaokees waiting for me to finish so they could return the serious business of impersonating Simon Le Bon singing Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran. X