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Only until recently have computers begun to really get under our skin, in a good way though. Computers are starting to fit in where they once didn't, for example we no longer think it's geeky to bring a laptop in a coffee shop or in any public place for that matter. The same can be said about the opposite: people are starting to fit in the computers world. Hanging out in chat rooms and meeting people online is no longer a creepy cold thing to do. Overnight computers have become part of our social fiber. We asked digital musician composer Keiko a.k.a. o.blaat some questions regarding this cyborgenic future.


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How We Share
by the Editor

A travelers perspective on how people share the ether in places like Hong Kong and Seoul, Taipei, and NYC

Songs in the Key of F12
by Erik Davis
First software turned the laptop into a musical instrument. Now who's in control: the machine or the musician?(Wired magazine article mentioning o.blaat)


about the artist

Digital musician & composer Keiko O.blaat is current working to complete on a full length CD to be released by Harvest Works. She is almost a regular at digital music venues in NYC and electronic festivals in the US and in Europe. When in the NYC she can almost certainly be found jamming and lounging at "Share" a community style wi-fi music & art experimentation lab where people are invite to plug in and join the spontaneous event. Share was founded Barry Manalog, geoffGDAM back in the summer of 2001, and is a highly recommended by Keiko for those interested in multimedia, music, and who ever is curious.

We were fortunate enough to able to catch her performance at the HEROIC GRACE: THE CHINESE MARTIAL ARTS FILM FESTIVAL this past summer (2003) where she preformed a live musical accompaniment to the 1929 B&W silent film RED HEROINE / HONG XIA by Wen Timin.


o.blaat's top 10 analogue artist

lary 7
gen ken montgomery
brian dewan
toshimaru nakamura
sachiko m
otomo yoshihide
keith rowe
thomas lehn
sonic boom


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Six fingers, better or worse when playing the computer?
Better-maybe i can configure more complex sets of key commands.
worse-too many fingers get entangled each other.



Name 5 things you wish you could do at once?
create something (audio or else).

read books.
go picnic.
eat well.
sleep well.



The beat of a heart: Where would it fall in your top 10 list of popular human made sounds?

1. hiccups
2. baby whining & talking
3. pulse on wrist (it's like heartbeat i know...)
4. heartbeat
5. sigh
6. snore
7. sneeze
8. cough
9. yawn
10. gulp



How different is your personality inside your computer vs' outside of your computer?
Inside of my computer is 'cooked chunk of omelette'.Outside of my computer is 'about to be cooked chunk of omelette with "share" logo sticker on it'.


If your computers LCD was an optical input device what would it see?
oh no. me? then i'd flip it outside so it can see flipside.


How attached are you to your computer?
sometimes I fall asleep right next to the laptop in my bed. I'd wake up & smile at it. It's literally sitting together with a teddybear with no name and a book whichever I'd be reading book/teddybear/laptop/me all sleeping together. What a messy world!


In your mind what is the most intimate machine?


Which do you wish your machine(s) had more of:
a. switches
b. buttons
c. radial dials
d. vertical faders
e. horizontal faders
f. magic wands
g. touch pads
h . all of the above

c. radial dials... means knobs? yes! I'd like to have one. But e. horizontal faders would be nice too.
Why didn't you say joystick? Joystick and jogdials are cool tools.



NYC, in the future, people converge spontaneously around wi-fi hubs for improvisational electronic jam sessions. Tired of carrying around equipment, electronic musicians have begun implanting nano-mixers in their bodies. Where would you implant yours nano-mixer for joining these unpredictable spur of the moment sessions ?
if it'd be super small, within my nail. but if it's not so small, maybe on my knee?
well, left knee then.



What would be your dream mesh-up if you could pull it off?
Webern and Kawachi Ondo (video of Ondo?). (ha! maybe that's done already;)


What would be the most nightmarish mesh-up be?
bluegrass and lemongrass.


Would you allow Asimo to be your intern/apprentice?
Sure. Can he show up at work and punch timecard for me? We can play ping-pong, and have coffee together too.


Would you trust Asimo with your dirty laundry?
I don't know if Asimo accepts such tasks.