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How did you guys get together?
We ended up in NYC at the same time -a total fluke- all of us for educative purposes, but only one of us for "established" educative purposes, and in the meantime, we made a band.

I know that some of you guys have been in previous bands that have received notoriety. How do you see this band in relationship to your past ones? An evolution? A complete break?
An evolution only in the sense of a next step, and not a next step that implies growth or forward movement, merely a next step that implies a different direction. It is easily a decided break and a decided link to our past projects.

I think every member of the band is not from NYC but you started here. Do think being in NYC is important to you as a band creatively?
We are a scattered background, but NYC is a beacon for that, no? NYC is important because it locates our lives, our cultures, our relationships at this particular moment.


Let's get Serious -Panthers
They have also just released a split 7" with JAPANTHER on Vice Records. Their 5 Song EP entitled Let's Get Serious is out on DIM MAK Records.




about the writer:
Matt Owens is among many other things a very talented Art Director (onenine, volumeone), Producer, and Artist. When he is not busy doing all of the above you might find him talent scouting for The Buddy System, a record label he and his brother started, or you might catch him setting up shows at The Riviera Gallery in Brooklyn where he is a partner.

Are the Panthers Fat? Or was that just a phase?
That was a "Fase" with an "F".

Any plans for the future. A new record?
Jayson is planning some crimes against young America, Geoff is talking about a scam against his boss and company, Kip we can't talk about right now (legal issues- see State vs. Intellectual Confessional, Corp.), Jeff is considering furthering his guerilla art show, and Justin is cooking up a pot of trouble.

Aside from those, we have just release an EP on Dim Mak Records. All other records are subject to change. X