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Armed with a pure and innocent voice, Cheer Chen is a gifted singer/song writer from Taiwan who has been making indie folk pop for several years now that we felt it was time to introduce her to the rest of the world. Someone once wrote, "Cheer’s voice is like black coffee with powder donut, nothing more is necessary." Indeed, her music is loaded with powdery sweetness and bitter strength that creates a special balance in her music, but how can it not with a name like Cheer?

"Why can’t one have a show in the underpass if it’s rainy?" Cheer asks in her latest album "Groupies". Her live performances are well-know for their small and intimate approach, like her Mini Underpass Concert. Even after having two full-length studio records, Cheer still found the the time to make some "homemade" mini records available only for her fans at her live performances. Serving the public DIY style, she wrote, sang, produced, and recorded with minimal equipment the songs on those mini records. She didn't stop there, she also made each and every one of the tickets for her concert.

Many people enjoy the atmosphere and direct reaction of a live performance as your new song "Groupies" expressed. Can you share with us your most interesting or weirdest concert experience?
Michael Jackson's concert In 1996 was the first outdoor arena size concert I attended. So I would say that B. B. King and Michael Jackson's concert in Taipei are two performances that developed my concept of concerts.

If you could choose without limitations, what would your ideal concert be like? In what kind of setting?
I would try to have a concert on the beach.

Is there anything you do before the show for good luck?
I am usually silent, very silent.

You had a band named "Sunblock" before. Why the name "Sunblock"? What was that experience like?
Our drummer chose that name. She saw the sunblock on her table. It is childish and spontaneous experience.





What was the first instrument you owned? How did you get it?
A piano -it was something my mother passed on to me.

Before and after your first album "Let Me Think", you made 2 mini records entirely by yourself down to the last detail like cover illustrations, which were only available at your live shows. What was the motivation behind these DIY ( Do It Yourself) mini records? And will you do it again?
It is hard to explain and if i tried I would end up with a really lengthy answer... but I guess the bottom line would be that it was just a impulse or I had an urge to make them.

You also made the tickets to one of your concerts once. Why did you decide to make and cut each ticket yourself? Was that a regular concert?
The fatal reason was... I was bored, very bored. I'm afraid to be bored. It wasn't a regular concert, but then again, what's your definition of "regular"?

Describe your typical day, naming one thing you look forward to doing the most.
I get up at noon, eat brunch, and then read or do something on my computer. I usually get nervous if I didn't do something "serious". Lately I've been trying to slow down, so I can really relax.

What is your favorite Karaoke song? Did you ever order and sing your own song at Karaoke?
I like Chinese classics. But truthfully Karaoke scare me, especially when I try to sing my own songs. It's really super awkward!

And lastly, do you plan to visit and perform in New York in the near future?
Of course. I very much hope to... really! X